Our Team will perform dozens of DFM checks for PCB manufacturing issues instantly!

  • perform itemIf your design contains any "show stoppers" that will place your order on hold.
  • perform itemOur Smart DFM technology collects information from your design and prepares all of the information needed to accurately manufacture your board.
  • perform itemDesigns that pass our Smart DFM checks can be automatically manufactured by any PCB Manufacturer.
  • perform itemWe guarantee that your job will contain all of the information needed by the PCB Manufacturer.
  • perform itemAfter passing the Smart DFM checks, we include a report and no-obligation quotation from one of our PCB Manufacturer Partners.
Want to Perform Your Own Smart DFM Check?
We will show you how! All of our New ViewMate products have the revolutionary Smart DFM Technology. Our specially trained experts are here to personally walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.
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Before getting a quote and ordering your circuit boards, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • icon-questionDid I create my Gerber files correctly?
  • icon-questionHave I included properly formatted drill files? Have I specified appropriate drill sizes? Have I identified which of my holes should be plated and which should be non-plated?
  • icon-questionDo I have any slots or other unusually shaped cutouts in my board? If so, will the PCB Manufacturer know exactly what I want?
  • icon-questionHave I included information about my board outline? The PCB Manufacturer needs to know the exact dimensions of your board. Does my Gerber data have a layer that identifies my board outline as one continuous path? Do I have sufficient clearance between internal copper areas and the edge of my board?
  • icon-questionWill the PCB Manufacturer be able to make my board? My design passes the DRC checks that I've specified in my CAD system. However, are these values reasonable? Does my PCB Manufacturer have any requirements that I'm not aware of?
  • icon-questionOK . . . I'm pretty sure that the PCB Manufacturer can build my board. However, could I save money if I changed some of my design rules to make my boards easier to manufacture?
  • icon-questionIf I take a little extra time to check my board with Smart DFM . . . can I save money AND prevent my order from being placed on hold?
We will gladly repair reported CAM file issues at no charge. Just click to approve the recommended fixes in your report when you place your PCB order with Pentalogix.icon help